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Shared Office & Living Space

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Habitat Celsus

New Generation Co-Working Space & Shared Office

The name Celsus comes from the library of Celsus, one of the most important buildings of the Ancient City of Ephesus and the third largest library of Antiquity. Our vision, based on the spirit and manifesto of the library, is based on continuous development, development, sharing, learning and sustainability in the light of the concepts of wisdom, knowledge, virtue, intelligence. So we set out with this vision and designed this living space.

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Special to You Privileges


Maximum Efficiency

A new generation workspace, you can take advantage of all the privileges of Celsus Habitat in our shared office, whether alone or together with your team. We develop solutions to what you need in your working life with the principle of ‘maximum efficiency’ and offer a pleasant and effective working environment in this living space that we have established for you.


Prestigious Location

The rising value of Celsus Habitat Ankara is located in the center of Çayyolu, in a very prestigious and central location; It is also close to the places you need, such as a shopping center, subway, gym. You can taste the delicacies of Mia Mito Premium Cafe located at the entrance of our living space, and you can take advantage of campaigns and discounts that are special to our members in the companies we have contracted. We also have a parking service.




One of the most enjoyable privileges of Celsus Habitat, thanks to the activities that bring together different specialties, you can enter into productive interactions with experts in their field from different fields of study and sectors, and you can catch connections and opportunities that will contribute to the Deceleration of your business.


Seminar Interview

You can participate in seminars, interviews and similar organizations where experts who are active in different fields that may be of interest to you are guests, both on specialized topics and in other related fields, the information, statements, evaluations and perspectives of expert guests can add completely different meanings and directions to your life and career.


Workshops & Trainings

You will experience the happiness and pleasure of being able to develop your existing skills and produce something new under the privilege of Celsus Habitat in our workshops, which are an activity based entirely on learning and production, organized by our distinguished educators who are experts in their field. Jun.



Flexible Membership Options

When you want to rent an office for your business, we have placed all the furniture you will need in your office, we have thought about everything from the decoration of your office, the heating, cooling and ventilation system, to the speed of the Internet you will use, and we have planned exactly according to your needs. Thus, you can become an office owner with an extremely stylish design in a prestigious location and suitable for your exact needs without the initial investment cost in any way. Moreover, you can forget all the additional costs such as secretariat, cleaning and security services, electricity, water, heating and internet bills, which increase with time.

You can be sure that if your business needs to grow or shrink in parallel with changing needs over time, we will be by your side with our customized solutions.


Meeting Rooms

We have designed and decorated our meeting rooms exactly as you will need for your business and business. At Celsus Habitat, you can organize meetings with your customers or your team in our Novus and Virtus Meeting Rooms, take advantage of high-speed internet, big screen TV with HDMI/wifi connection, blackboard and refreshments, which are standard services offered in our meeting rooms.

Let us get back to you as soon as possible

If you have any questions about us, leave us your contact information and we will reach you as soon as possible.

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ÇayyoluProf.Dr. Ahmet Taner Kışlalı Mah. 2873 Cad.
No:3/C5 Alacaatlı-Çankaya ANKARA

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